Build it right the first time!

When trades build it right the first time, inspections only verify the the safety of the building that was completed. How does a quality builder accomplish this? They know the local codes and they listen to the customer. Many small contractors assume what needs to be done to complete a quality job, but if they aren't subscribing to International Residential Code or International Building Code, if they aren't asking you the customer to consider options, you and the contractor may be asking for problems .

We here at Deck Indulge comply with and welcome verification of our building practices. In fact, we love the building departments we work with! Yes, even on a deck, which on the surface seems like a straightforward job, every one has it's complications. We come across decks that were installed 30 years ago where we didn't have the benefit of current building codes and safety, and we have seen it all. We have had to shore up decks that were so unsafe that we had to shore them up just to demolition them safely! The second part of this is asking questions, what are you looking for in terms of a deck; you would be surprised at the many options that are available in deck designs and materials that are available today.

After many years doing business, our defect levels are so low that inspections are a breeze. The code inspectors can be made to feel like the bored Maytag repairman. We place an emphasis on controlling the activities of the trades to assure a reliable building process. Knowing which activities to control and devising efficient methods for controlling them is critical for making it operational on the job site. This is a quality plan.

We here at Deck Indulge have developed a 600+ point quality plan. We make sure that we meet or exceed both customer expectations and local building codes. We constantly attend training so we keep up with industry innovations.

Our plan is simple: Safety first, quality is second, production is third. We have subscribed to this since beginning the company and we believe that the quality, craftsmanship and customer relationship that our many satisfied customers have enjoyed show in our work, our satisfied client list and the success of our company.

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