Recent Select Projects - Deck Repair and Refurbish

Problem: Customer was concerned about the wobble of the railing and the safety of the deck.

Solution: In this case we were able to inspect the sub structure and found the framing up to code and in good condition. The railing was in bad shape due to age, and the staircase needed to be rebuilt. Instead of tearing down the existing deck, we were able to save quite a few dollars by leveling the existing structure, installing new railing and gates, and rebuilding the staircase. Some of the decking boards were able to be salvaged, so only some of the deck boards were replaced. The result was a safe and functional deck with a new look that will continue to last for decades. Check out these after photos:

Custom gate and staircase on front deck.

Rebuilt rear deck staircase and new railing.

Rebuilt staircase on rear deck.

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